Big 10 Meetings Beginning of Nebraska Whirlwind

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne will be attending the Big 10 meetings next month in Chicago, the Minneapolis Star Tribune said,

While Nebraska is expected to start Big 10 play in 2011, Osborne will not have a vote at the league’s preseason meetings.

These early meetings are expected to be critical for Nebraska as the Big 10 discusses future schedules and how the soon-to-be 12-team conference will split into two divisions. Clearly, one of the main concerns Big 10 schools will be addressing is how to strike a competitive balance between two divisions.

There has been a lot of discussion in media circles about how to split the conference.

For sure the next 12 months will be a whirlwind for the Big 10, and for Nebraska which could be facing a substantial penalty for leaving the Big 12. That’s a matter likely to be settled in court, as NU officials have stated publicly that they believe an early exit penalty isn’t warranted.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Big 12 rulebook is that the conference has to show that it has faced some kind of financial damage as a result of Nebraska’s exit. However, in the weeks following the Nebraska announcement the Big 12 announced it was staying together and that the remaining 10 teams would likely see an increase in television revenue as a result of Nebraska and Colorado leaving the conference.

I’m not an attorney, but my guess is that a judge might look at that and rule in Nebraska’s favor.

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