Goodbye Iowa State, Nice Owning You


Remember when Nebraska joined the Big Ten? The reaction coming from Big 12 schools was all over the chart.

Kansas officials practically begged NU not to leave. Boone Pickens (representing Oklahoma State’s view, I guess, since he practically owns the program in Stillwater), said “What’s Nebraska got to offer?”

And remember Iowa State fans?

Well they were critics of Nebraska making the move — a strange bit of criticism coming from a fan base that has watched its Cyclones flounder for so long– especially against Nebraska.

Iowa State has won just 18 games in the series since 1896. Yet, a preview story in the Des Moines Register Wednesday somewhat lamented the end of a “rivalry,”

You’re kidding, right?

Let me explain something for those Iowa State fans who have for many years fantasized about this being a rivalry. A rivalry is when two teams of equal prominence battle nearly every season for a chance at a conference championship.

No, that’s definitely not Iowa State.

Sure, Nebraska will miss having that near-automatic win on its schedule every year. And wow, we’ll really miss traveling to the middle of Nowhere, Iowa, every other year to play in one of the few stadiums in college football where it just feels like a home game on the road.

Well, now it’s Iowa State week in 2010, and there’s every reason to believe Nebraska will get the last laugh in Ames in what has been a pathetic, waste-of-time series for NU.

You know things have been bad when ISU fans were totally geeked after the 9-7 “win” in Lincoln last year. Now they look at Paul Rhoads as if he’s the second coming of — oh this one will hurt — Dan McCarney. ISU should have never let that guy get away. Afterall, he represents the “glory days” of ISU football.

In 12 seasons McCarney won just 27 conference games and lost 68. Yet he’s one of the few Cyclone coaches that has had any level of success against Nebraska. He’s virtually a legend at Iowa State with that eye-popping, all-time record of 56-85.

I’ll remind ISU fans that the Cyclones did absolutely nothing to win that game in Lincoln last year.

Let’s put it in perspective: Nebraska gave you eight turnovers, including four inside the ISU 5-yard line, and was still a field goal away from winning.

Yeah, the win at Texas a couple of weeks ago was nice, but somewhat diminished the following week when the Shorthorns lost again at home to Baylor.

That’s a nice bit of smack ISU fans can throw Nebraska’s way — ‘we beat Texas and you didn’t.’ You can have that one, Iowa State, and you can have that 52-0 loss to Oklahoma and the 68-27 loss to Utah too — Oh ouch, those had to sting.

Let me translate: Playing Nebraska this week isn’t going to be any easier.

NU will show the Cyclones just why it’s time to leave the Big 12. These one-sided games have been cramping Nebraska’s style for quite some time.

It appears the Iowa State/Nebraska game this year is heading closer to a sell-out (for ISU fans who don’t quite understand what I’m describing: It’s the same thing that’s happened on football Saturdays in Lincoln for more than 300 consectutive games, where every game ticket is sold, but I digress.)

ISU fans’ silence will be deafening.

It is as simple as this — Nebraska may never again commit eight turnovers in game, and ISU won’t be able to keep up.

Iowa State’s defense gives up an average of 433 yards a game, including 194 rushing. Nebraska comes in with the sixth-best rushing offense in the country.

In looking at the ISU offense it’s difficult to see how it can move the ball consistently against Nebraska. The Cyclones are 75th in total offense in the country, including 90th in passing offense and 40th in rushing offense.

Alexander Robinson is a good back who averages about 80 yards rushing, but is the only threat Iowa State has. Let’s see, where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, Kansas State had only Daniel Thomas and lost 48-13 at home to Nebraska. ISU quarterback Austin Arnaud has no receivers who can come remotely close to testing the Nebraska secondary.

From what Nebraska coaches have said it will be a game-time decision on whether Taylor Martinez starts at quarterback, as he continues to recover from an ankle injury suffered against Missouri last week. I think there’s a 50-50 chance Nebraska starts Zac Lee in his place, with the idea that Martinez could come off the bench if he’s needed.

Chances are Nebraska won’t need Martinez, and likely will ride running backs Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead to what should be an easy win.

Goodbye Iowa State. Nice owning you, maybe we’ll meet in a bowl game sometime.

Well, probably not, ISU would need to win at least six games every year.

Oh well, it was fun.

There won’t be eight turnovers in this game, as Nebraska proves a point: Nebraska 42, Iowa State 14.

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  1. I am a Cyentist

    Look, no rational ISU fan considers NU to be a rival in the traditional sense; the Cornhuskers have owned this series from the beginning. It’s more of a rivalry in the “we hate your sanctimonius pricks of fans, lousy record on ethics, worship Tom Osborne running up the score on opponents” kind of way.

    And while people respect what McCarney did for ISU, building a decent program out of the ashes of the Walden/Criner/Duncan years; they’re not the glory days of ISU football. Look back to the 1970’s years of Earl Bruce and Johnny Majors, and you’ll find Iowa State programs that were competitive nationally.

    So what I’m trying to say is, it’s tough to be an Iowa State fan. It’s tough to support your team when they have a losing record. Meanwhile, I imagine it’s very easy to be a Nebraska fan. Or a Yankees fan. Or a Duke basketball fan. All of these fanbases don’t have to worry about losing seasons, or financial constraints. But hey, have fun with those extra millions in the Big Ten.

    • Dillon, Well said. Although I would add that as a Nebraska fan, I guess I’ve never known anything but winning. And based on the way things are going this season, Nebraska will do very will in the Big Ten.

      • See this arrogance is the reason why so many people hate the Nebraska fan base. “I’ve never known anything but winning.” Give me a break and get off your high horse man. Did you forget about the Bill Callahan years already? Let me guess you just weren’t a Cornhusker fan then because it was too hard because they weren’t winning. That’s the difference between us.

  2. Typical article from a typical Husker…arrogant as always. Don’t forget ISU beat you last year with their backup quarterback and running back and shouldn’t have sniffed the endzone against the invincible Husker defense. Nebraska has been irrelevant in the Big 12 for the last decade and will now get to be irrelevant in a new conference for the next….good luck.

  3. Scoreboard.

  4. Nice design on your blog. Did you four year old son do that?

    N is for Knowledge!

  5. Todd. I appreciate your take on Saturday’s game. However, It is saturated with bitterness. Ill memories of last year’s game no doubt. To me, you writing an article like this, just validates the rivalry. Your resentment and hostility proves that you want to beat us just as badly as we do. Sure, it has been lopsided in the past. If Iowa State wins on Saturday though, the past decade series will be 6-4. I wouldn’t call that being “owned.” May I also remind you that we had neither Alexander Robinson, or Austin Arnaud for the game last year, but you still use the petty excuse of “oh NU had 8 turnovers and they could still only win by 3 points.” Shucks, if only Bo had taught them how to hold onto the ball…. Ames is the middle of nowhere? Nebraska is a wasteland of double wide trailers. Maybe you don’t know, but Ames is ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States and certainly not the middle of nowhere. Here’s to a great game on Saturday full of tailgating and spirited debate. I hope you aren’t stuck in Hastings(wherever that is) watching it in your mom’s basement.

    • Tyler,
      I respect your opinion, but next time Iowa State wins a title of any kind look me up.

      • Oh, and Tyler, I live in an underground bunker and eat worms for every meal.

      • So that’s all you have to respond to me? Have you been to Ames to see the campus or the town? or are you making unfounded typical Husker fan remarks? Am I right then that this is indeed a rivalry, maybe not in the traditional sense as another poster suggested? Are you going to acknowledge that both teams could use excuses, yet you choose to only mention the Nebraska one? Poor Journalism at it’s finest.

      • Yeah, I’ve been there many times. And no, Iowa State/Nebraska has never been a rivalry. If this is something you really believe Tyler, then you must think that this series is on a level with Nebraska/Oklahoma, Nebraska/Colorado, Oklahoma/Texas, USC/Notre Dame, Michigan/Ohio State, and on and on. Come on, you certainly don’t believe that.

  6. Classic stuff from someone who identifies their entire pathetic life with Nebraska Football and proclaims “Take that”.

    Don’t you live in Hastings, NE? How you can call any town the middle of nowhere.

    Enjoy Nebraska joining the Big 10, where hill-rods like you will be even less relevant. It will be good to get rid of pathetic pieces of shit like you and almost every other nebraska fan who serve no purpose on this earth.

    • So that’s how we do it. We don’t argue the merits of anything we just use profanity. You prove my point.

      • Argue what merits? You’re a loser plain and simple. You speak using “we”as if you have had anything to do with Nebraska’s success. That shows how pathetic you are. Yet you want to discuss merits? That’s priceless. Then again, it’s not like you will ever accomplish anything in life that you can be proud of, so I understand why you have to live vicariously through a college football team.

      • ISUfan,
        You don’t know the first thing about me, so don’t pretend you do. I’ve accomplished a lot in life. I’ve got a great family, a very successful career, I live in a great community, go to a great church and I’ve been blessed to spend my whole life in Nebraska. I’ve watched Nebraska football since I was 4 years old and yeah, I’m proud to be a Nebraska fan. Next time you try to insult someone get your facts straight first.

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