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Brother of Wolverine Lineman Hopes to Walk Again

This is a touching story about the brother of a Michigan football player, Brock Mealer, who is working hard with Michigan training staff at the outside shot that he might have a chance to walk again (

The Detroit News said Mealer has a goal to walk the Wolverines out of the tunnel on Sept. 4 when Michigan hosts UConn in the season opener.

Mealer is no longer allowed to bring his wheelchair into the MU weight room, instead being pushed to walk in and walk out. Mealer is the brother of Wolverine offensive lineman Elliott Mealer.

According to the News, Brock Mealer walked 500 yards in the course of a single workout last week. He became paralyzed from the waste down as a result of a car accident on Christmas 2007. That accident killed the Mealers father, David.

The story talks about how Brock Mealer’s faith is the reason for his determination.

A real feel-good story for sure…